I love it when younger girls look up to older girls as role models and heroes. I love it when older girls enthusiastically support and protect younger girls. I love it when girls are psyched about the skills and accomplishments of other girls, I love it when girls compliment each other, take care of each other, encourage each other. I love it when girls realize how awesome and important they are. I love it when girls are fuckin’ pumped about girls.

You’re my epic love.

Kirk to Spock at some point probably (via ohmisterpig)


Oslo, Norway (by Hessam M. )


what if you started making car alarm noises when people you didn’t like touched you




Tatry by UltimateOpportunist

What i say: I have anxiety
What most people think i said: I am awkward but cute awkward and shy.
What people assume: I am imagining illnesses to justify my lifestyle and personality.
What i actually mean: I live in a constant fear. I worry about the past, current or future situations, i have stomach and head pains all the time, tachycardia and awful panic attacks that include heart palpitations, and breathing problems. I suffer everyday and not only in "stressful situations". I think so much before i do something and eventually i don't do it at all, so people think i am lazy. I suffer from insomnia. I sweat to the idea of having to interact with people. I don't use the word anxiety to justify anything or to make myself look cool. It's a mental disorder, i have to live with it and find ways to control the symptoms. It is not a trend. Many people around the world actually suffer from this disorder. Accept those who have it and help them, don't judge them, don't joke about it. NEVER.


sir, sir you cannot bleed in here, this is a library, sir



I wish more cartoons taught young girls that if a man harasses you or annoys you or whatever you should blow him up with a bazooka and feel no remorse :)))

Harley and Ivy, making friends.


mostly nature

Unfortunately, our culture nowadays revolves a lot around celebrity, but i don’t believe anyone in this movie is like that. i would never want a young girl to watch me and think that they should be like me or look like me or have the same bag as me. i wouldn’t want to project that.


Happy Birthday Nietzsche

Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.
Ernest Hemingway (via moralanarchism)
elise white